Getting the most out of YellowFruit

Despite my intention to create an utterly foolproof tool (as the name suggests), the number of features has grown enough that I think a few clarifying remarks are in order.

Team Entry
  • You can paste in a whole roster at once starting in v2.3.2. Copy a list of players, one on each line, from another file; additional fields in YF will automatically appear and fill in when you paste.
  • Use the Settings menu to hide fields you don't need.
  • "Stages" of the tournament, e.g. Prelims, Playoffs, etc. Games can be assigned multiple phases in cases where teams carry over games from one phase to the next.
  • A tab in the toolbar appears for each phase in the file. Switch between tabs to control which games are shown in the stat report and sidebar. The tabs also control which phase is assigned by default when you create a new game.
  • Tiebreaker status is controlled by a checkbox on the game entry form. When there are tiebreaker games present, a special "Tiebreakers" phase automatically appears. By default, the All Games report excludes tiebreakers but you can change that by clicking "Tiebreakers" on the Phases card.
  • "Pools" into which teams are grouped. Each division should belong to exactly one phase, and each team should belong to exactly one division for the phases in which they play games.
  • The order in which divisions are listed on the Divisions card is the order they will appear in the stat report. Drag and drop divisions to re-order them as needed (v2.3.0).
"Grouping" phases
  • When you generate your final stat report containing all games, YF needs to know which set of divisions to group teams by. For example, you would typically group teams by their playoff division so that the order of teams from the top to the bottom of the page follows their order of finish.
  • Starting in v2.4.0 you can specify multiple grouping phases: for example, if your tournament has a "superplayoff" stage involving only the top few teams, you can choose to group teams first by their superplayoff division if it exists, then by their playoff division.
Phase record
  • In YF the "phase record" is a team's record in the phase by whose divisions it is grouped. This simply means (for example) that teams are ranked by their playoff record, rather than their overall record, even when the stat report is showing all games. Starting in v2.5.0 this behavior is on by default but can be turned off by making a custom report configuration that omits the "This Stage" column.
Report configuration
  • Go to Report Layout > Report Settings... to customize which columns appear on the report. At the bottom of the window you can see how the columns will be arranged in each page of the stat report.
Rank overrides
  • If your tournament has parallel playoff brackets, tiebreakers for final placement or other unusual situations, you may find that the "phase record" functionality fails to produce the correct rankings. Fear not! Starting in v2.5.0, you can manually override the final rankings in the sidebar. Note that if you need to override a ranking for, say, 5th place, you will need to also manually enter 1st through 4th places; YF does not attempt to fill in the interstitial places between manually specified ranks.